Featuring a special performance by MPROV


Super Mega Trivia Slam, an audience participation game show begins a monthly residency on August 19, 2023 at 8pm at Paradise Studios in Massapequa, NY, along with special guest performers MPROV, a talented improv comedy troupe based in Malverne, NY


MPROV will open the show, followed by two performances of Super Mega Trivia Slam.


Tickets for this show can be purchased through Eventbrite


Super Mega Trivia Slam is a fun and interactive game show that doesn’t need a special app to play, but does encourage people to shout out the answers to create an interactive fan experience


“The main idea for the show is to present trivia in a brand new way where people just don’t have to sit there and be quiet,” The show’s creator Steve Strangio recently said. “This type of show encourages a whole new level of fan interaction and creates a fast paced, fun trivia experience that focuses on the performance instead of keeping score. Incorporating MPROV into the show will only increase the audience participation element and create a fun, interactive night out.”


Super Mega Trivia Slam features rounds of multiple-choice trivia, one rapid fire round, and several ways where people can actually win prizes. Shouting out the answers is always encouraged.


MPROV, the improv comedy troupe from Malverne, is proud to bring their energetic show to Massapequa. MPROV’s current members include Michael Pagano, Joe DiGirolamo, Billy Callahan, Kelly Neary, Stephannie Jablonski, and Dave Coonan. MPROV promises an unforgettable evening of laughter, spontaneity, and interactive entertainment.


“We are incredibly grateful to be included in this upcoming performance,” expressed Dave Coonan, the troupe leader of MPROV. “It’s going to be a night filled with laughter and memorable moments.”


During an MPROV show, expect non-stop entertainment as they engage in a variety of short-form improv games. Audience participation is not only encouraged but essential for the success of their performances. The troupe feeds off the energy and suggestions from the crowd, ensuring an interactive experience that keeps everyone on their toes.




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  • Super Mega Trivia Slam was created by writer/producer Steve Strangio. Steve produced live shows for the WWE, wrote and produced several films, plays, television programs, internet video content, podcasts, and interactive entertainment shows.
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Learn more about MPROV and the Malverne Community Theatre by searching @malvernetheatre on all social media platforms, and by visiting




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