Project Description

Upbeat Guitars and Elusive Lyrics Conjure A Must-Listen Indie Single 

Emerging indie-folk singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer DUEL NATIVE released a day-in-the-life music video for a melancholic single off of his upcoming EP “XI,” entitled “Commodity” to his YouTube channel.


DUEL NATIVE’s music video may center around a rather mundane errand, a quest for milk, but the track’s lyrics paint a more abstract work, each line aiming to fulfill meaning as more colors saturate the video’s palette. The artist’s lively acoustic guitar strumming complements his melancholic voice as his video begins in a monochromatic world of blue. DUEL NATIVE suggests we are only viewed in one light, as commodities for others, just as the viewer can only see one color. As he embarks on his journey, more colors fill the scenery, just as his lyrics reveal that our innermost selves are multifaceted, and cannot be breached or limited by anyone – other than ourselves.

Stephen Choi’s artistic mantel, DUEL NATIVE, nods to his half-Trinadidian half-Hong Kongese background. A singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Choi is also a passionate environmental architect and social activist. His recent string of singles, “Sacrosanct” and “Commodity” from his forthcoming EP “XI” follow his previous project, Greyhound Green, a London-based indie band who enjoyed mainstream-radio play, media coverage on MTV Europe, and supported acts such as Alabama 3, Tjinder Singh (Cornershop), and The Libertines.

As a celebrated architect, Choi has led ecologically-progressive projects that set new heights for the industry and won awards from the EU, multiple national prizes in Australia, and the AIA Leadership in Sustainability prize.

Supported by guitarist Leong Chan and violinist Erin Tidswell, DUEL NATIVE’s blend of alt-rock and indie-folk has been described as “both nostalgic and fresh”, “melancholic, as well as hopeful.” In addition to the recorded format, this music has also been adapted to live theatre.

DUEL NATIVE is grateful and privileged to live and work on the stolen Aboriginal lands of the Kulin Nation in Australia.

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