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The Prof. Fuzz 63 Release Trippy Coloring Book To Correlate With New Album, Owls

In a time when the world is seemingly on fire, it’s important to take time out to relax and take your mind off of everything. The Prof. Fuzz 63 have been helping us smile throughout the pandemic with their lighthearted and truly trippy spirits. June 15th saw the release of their alarmingly catchy album, Owls that brought much relief to all who listened.

“..the record is a journey through an entirely new dimension of glorious lo-fi garage rock filled to the brim with fuzz tones and reverb. The band brings us face-to-face with a dope-dealing soccer mom who used to be a punk, an unlikeable owl, and other insane characters over the course of the set, all held up by pounding drums, gritty guitars, and grinding organs.” – Mike O’Cull

But releasing an out-of-this-world album wasn’t enough for The Prof. Fuzz 63, so they teamed up to create a coloring book to bring the music of Owls to life. With photos hand-drawn by the groups own Sleepy Redhead, and lyrics directly from Owls, this coloring book fully personifies the imaginative minds behind the music.

Live music isn’t safe just yet, so in the meantime put on Owls, grab your coloring materials, and spend some quality time in the minds of The Prof. Fuzz 63. Each coloring book order contains six, double-sided coloring pages as well as stickers and a pin!

Grab your coloring book package here for only $5!

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