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Solution for Diminishing Music Education Budgets: Bring a Special Needs Music Education/Piano Program Directly Into the Classroom

Since 2013, Occupational Octaves Piano™ has been used worldwide to empower learners with Autism and other special needs to independently play classical music at the piano. Taught mostly by Special Educators, Music Educators, and Music Therapists, the empowering factor behind this method is the “Special-Needs-User-Friendly New-Language-of-Music,” created by the program’s creator and author, Lee Stockner. By teaming with UnitusTI, a cloud-based curriculum and data analysis application, Occupational Octaves Piano™ empowers educators from numerous backgrounds to use the piano to accomplish the optimal and often mandated goals for a particular student. 

The system, which utilizes colored letters and ten colorful rings worn on student’s fingers, also means that it is “Non-Music-Educator-Friendly,” enabling various teachers & therapists without music experience to be easily trained. 

If a student’s Individualized Educational Plan goals include increasing concentration, strengthening fingers, expressing emotion, improving ocular movement, or one of hundreds of others potential targets, the piano is an incredibly rewarding place to achieve them” says Mr. Stockner of his vision for the future of music in schools. “With UnitusTI’s built in analysis tools, schools and organizations can reduce the amount of time their staff spends on documenting, save costs by going paperless and wireless, and unite teachers with parents through digital access to the curriculum and data at home and in school.” 

When we first met sought out adaptable piano lessons, Tommy was presenting with severe delays in all domains of development. He was constantly seeking sensory input in all forms. At our very first lesson- was the first time that I saw my child sitting upright, following directions and expressing emotional satisfaction over the music he was creating. The program was designed for all learning styles. As a physical therapist, I could appreciate the physical and cognitive benefits that Tommy was and is experiencing. Higher level thinking, improved breathing and postural control, shoulder and pelvic stability, and development of his fine motor skills. As a mother, I was able to witness my child’s creativity, self esteem and joy. Occupational Octaves Piano™ has been a blessing in our lives. The journey from ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’ to Beethoven’s ‘Song of Joy’ has been remarkable.” – Mother of an Occupational Octaves Piano student

Esther Thane, VP of Business Development for Mundo Pato- the company which created UnitusTI,  comments: “Occupational Octaves Piano™ empowers Piano Teachers, Music Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Assisted Living Centers, and Rehabilitation Centers with a motivational tool and outlet for their clients, patients and students. Whether a student struggles with Attention Deficit, or an individual encounters difficulty with traditional notation, the Occupational Octaves program can create a stimulating, enjoyable, non threatening, and Flow-based environment for personal success.

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