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Budding Reggeton Duo Set to Fill the Dancefloor With Latest Hit Track Destined for Best of Year Playlists

The stars just released their latest single and video for the track “City Lights” on YouTube and all the major services.





The sexy and unpredictable sound of “City Lights” brings to mind a scene of two lovers dancing outdoors on a warm summer night in Manhattan, with the glory of the NYC skyline on a 360 degree panorama view. The back and forth call and answer formula between the female/male and english/spanish is implemented precisely with a tension and passion that is palpable for any listener. A heeded challenge for all to come share the vibe and party on the dance floor.


Sammi Rae has been praised by audiences nationwide for her strong and soulful voice and sultry demeanour. Concurrently, Los Vegas has been turning heads with his enigmatic persona on stage and magnetic vibe. Together they form a dynamic duo to be reckoned with.


The duo’s original collaboration “ESCAPATE” brought to life the sentimental romance often featured in Reggaetón hits with an energetically pumping backbeat and laid-back flow that made it a club hit. Trading lyrics like “If I leave with you, I want to be there with you through the night // I want to feel your arms around me, hold me tight // Your body next to mine, you make me feel so high” with Los Vegas, and the refrain “Never mind what anybody says, I just want to dance the night away, I just want to know if we can escape”. 


Their second single “Baby Baila” urged the listener to get up and dance – which is exactly what this bouncy, sexy track does; it’s impossible not to at least tap along to the beat as the sultry vocals of Sammi Rae seduce you into a world of endless dance floor possibilities.


Their third single “Ella Se Atreve” is a daring and exceptional track, focusing on the push and pull in a potential relationship; a “should I stay or should I go mentality”, asking what’s more important – to stay at the club with the girls, or leave to spend time with your potential new man.


After several successful shows at Aura on Long Island, many additional performances are planned for 2020 – check social media for full details!


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