Project Description

TODAY – Fri. March 1st, 2024, Punk Mafia presents their Radio Silence EP, the first of a series, to Spotify and all the major services via Earth Program/Virgin Music. Sample the record here.

Inspired by Joy Division, The Ramones, Type O Negative, Ministry & The Deadboys, the recordings were produced by M.O.B. and R-Low, with all instruments/vocals + lyrics created by M.O.B. and mixed/mastered by R-Low. 

M.O.B. & R-Low have produced over sixty hit songs with some of the biggest bands and rappers in the world, including artists such as Patrick Stump of Falloutboy, DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit, Fever 333, 311, Onyx, DMC of Run-DMC and death pop kings ORGY, Chali2Na of Jurassic 5 and DJ Kilmore of Incubus among others.


This initial EP consists of four tracks; entitled “Anarchy”, “Psycho”, “Rebel” and “Rock N’ Roll Disco”, with a stated plan to release an EP every two months.

Focused on turning a negative into a positive, this ambitious project contains twenty six songs recorded over a short period of time by M.O.B. in his apartment located in the very same Franklin Village, Los Angeles building as the infamous “Hillside Strangler” once resided, with M.O.B. on Guitar, bass, synth, drums/programming vocals and lyrics. 

His partner R-Low then flew in from Italy to track vocals, drums and some other overdubs and additional production on the vocals, and quickly flew back to Italy to mix and master the songs. A sign of the times, the two maestro’s have steadily built M.O.B. together remotely across the ocean from LA to Italy and back for ten years strong.

Recently, M.O.B. Left L.A. and is back in NY putting a band together to play the Punk Mafia songs live. “I was giving too much of myself to people who weren’t respecting my love, talent, or well-being. When I give my heart, I give it all and I do not tolerate bullshit or f-around. This is real life. Real music. Now isolated away from all the posers and hookers, I feel like I finally got to address my personal mental health struggles. Getting to self-produce the music was really important to me to find the sound that best describes who I am, how I feel and what has happened in my journey of truth in music. I was able to channel my traumas and heartbreak into powerful, artistic, meaningful songs that I truly feel will help others. I am not alone in my feelings. These songs address the current political crisis, Love, Hate, heartbreak and healing, and I think many people will relate.”

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