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Running Out of Tomorrows, the new single from the recent release “Collaborations”, is now available on Spotify and all the major music services. The record has nearly 25,000 streams and has been added to 88 playlists so far.


They is also a companion video for the track, which has amassed over 177,000 views since it’s release – WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Running Out Of Tomorrows is a song that looks at where the world is today in terms of Race relationships, Income inequity, Climate change as well as political differences and just asks the question of “Why can’t we as reasonable people come together and change the way we look at things” because we are running out of tomorrows to affect change.

Collaborations is a project that brings a diverse group of talented Indie Artists together to collaborate on an eclectic group of songs. They have taken a unique approach to songwriting in that the artists are given a high-level structure and theme for a song and then asked to make it into something of their own. This is facilitated by their producer Viv Steffens at Horizon Music Studios to ensure the musicians have some guardrails for the creation of an end product. They have found that this approach allows the Artist to explore beyond where they may have gone on their own with a particular concept.

It is an ongoing project where numerous singer/songwriters and musicians with various styles come together to create multi-genre songs that span the range from current pop to retro-sounding compositions. In this approach the project is really never done. By taking this approach it allows the singer/songwriters the flexibility to participate at whatever level works for them without interfering with their own careers and schedules. It also gives Collaborations the ability to attract the best artists with the wide variety of styles that is required to create a truly cross-genre set of songs at the highest quality.

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