Project Description

Get ready to embark on a spine-tingling musical journey into the heart of darkness this Halloween season, as Scarlett Overdrive, Jerry Vayne “The Haunt-strumentalist,” and the incredible NYC-based, NC-raised vocalist Hannah Mount join forces to unleash “Into The Darkness (Theme From Dark Night Halloween World).” This cross-country collaboration promises to be a hauntingly unforgettable experience for all fans of horror and Halloween festivities.

The song will be available to stream on all streaming platforms beginning September 15th, but a preview is available NOW via this Youtube link: 

Inspired by the nostalgia of campy 1980’s horror movies and the thrill of Halloween, “Into The Darkness” perfectly captures the eerie, suspenseful essence of the season. With its catchy melodies, haunting vocals, and spine-chilling synth arrangements, this song is sure to send shivers down listeners’ spines and transport them to a dark, nostalgic realm of cinematic horror.

NY-based synthpop group Scarlett Overdrive, known for “Lynchian, Serial Killer synthpop” (as described by internet music reviewer TheNeedleDrop aka Anthony Fantano) teams up with Jerry Vayne “The Haunt-strumentalist,” a maestro of macabre melodies and a legend in the world of Halloween music whose work can be heard in Haunted Houses and Theme Parks throughout the U.S. Together, they conjure an atmosphere of dread and excitement that will have you craving more long after the last note fades.

Adding her exceptional vocal prowess to the mix, Hannah Mount’s performance on “Into The Darkness” elevates the song to new heights. Her evocative delivery draws you deeper into the narrative, making you feel like you’ve stepped into your own horror movie.

But “Into The Darkness” is not just a song; it’s the official theme song of Dark Night Halloween World, an immersive haunted house experience on Long Island that has been rated #15 on BuzzFeed’s prestigious list of the “Top 20 Haunted Houses Everyone Must Visit in the U.S.” This collaboration is set to make Dark Night Halloween World an even more unforgettable and spine-tingling experience for all who dare to enter.

Prepare to be entranced, enthralled, and utterly terrified as you journey “Into The Darkness” this Halloween season. The single is set to release September 15 on all streaming platforms, and it promises to be the soundtrack of your nightmares.

For more information about Scarlett Overdrive, Jerry Vayne “The Haunt-strumentalist,” and Hannah Mount, as well as updates on the release of “Into The Darkness (Theme From Dark Night Halloween World),” please visit . Dark Night Halloween World opens Friday, October 13th at the Bald Hill Amphitheater in Farmingville, New York.