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He has written and produced forty seven hits on Billboard’s Latin charts with his band Monsieur Job, and now Toby Holguín, under the pseudonym Iye Teblu, is achieving one of the most important moments in Colombian cinema in recent times with his first short film “Gidi Gidi Gi” which he wrote, directed, produced and acted in.

(Monsieur Job’s new album is titled: “TNTO TIEMP_O SIN VERT”. It was released globally in November 2023. The album was conceived by Toby and his musical partner Leo Jaramillo. It has had more than 1,200,000 views)

“Gidi Gidi Gi” is a thriller about bank robberies in which he appears alongside Colombian actors Alejandro Buenaventura, Susana Rojas and Oscar Rodríguez. It is an amazing and exciting high-level short film that explores the true bonds of friendship.

There was a generation of artists in Cali that coincided with the bloodiest era of drug trafficking in Colombia. Shouting “The country is collapsing and we are partying,” a group of filmmakers, writers, photographers and designers created the Caliwood movement during the 70s and 80s. His story is that of the May 68 hangover, the hippie communes, sexual liberation and endless nights of drugs, salsa and rock and roll.

Today Iye Teblu is the last link in all that cinematographic fever born in Cali and that revolutionized the seventh art in Colombia. He is now writing the history of national cinema with “Gidi Gidi Gi.” As director Iye Teblu has taken home recognition in Berlin, Cannes and Paris. It is a resounding success that has rarely been seen in recent years for a national short film.

The producer of “Gidi Gidi Gi” is Mierda Frita, a company established in Colombia.


1. Los Angeles Festivals

2. Rome International Movie Awards

3. Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles (Two Awards)

4. South Films and Arts Academy Festival

5. Korea International Film Festival

6. Five Continents International Film Festival

7. The Grand Cine Carnival Maldives

8. Madras Independent Film Festival

9. Kiez Berlin Film Festival

10. Cinema Paris Film Festival Best Short Film

11. Cinema Paris Film Festival (Best Director)

12. Madonie Film Festival, Sicily (Best Short Film)

13. Madonie Film Festival, Sicily (Science Fiction)

14. Shunyatam International Film Festival

15. International Media Arts Film Awards

16. Hottomela International Film Festival

17. Cannes World Film Festival

18. Out Of The Can International Film Festival

19. Cannes World Film Festival: Best Director, Best Fantasy Film, Best Sci-Fi, Best Experimental (Four Awards)


Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival

Playback International Film Festival, Manchester, UK

HIFF – HALO International Film Festival


Hollywood Blood Horror Festival


Sweden Film Awards


Swedish International Film Festival

TIFA – Tiete International Film Festival Shorted

HIFF – HALO International Film Festival


AIFF Alternative Film Festival


Los Angeles Film Awards

Crown Wood International Film Festival

Dubai Film Festival

Film Boxe International Monthly Festival

American Golden Picture International Film Festival

Best International Film Festival

Cinematography & Photography Awards

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From creating forty seven Billboard Latin Chart hits (and counting) and generating over one million views for their newest album “TNTO TIEMP_O SIN VERT” with Monsieur Job – to writing/directing/producing the short film “Gidi Gidi Gi” under the name Iye Teblu, which has already garnered nineteen awards from prestigious film festivals around the world – Toby Holguin has proven himself a true renaissance man in the world of entertainment.

Originating out of Cali, Colombia, and once a heralded football player with thoughts of sports stardom, Toby got into music and entertainment almost by accident, being called into duty to be the singer of his friend’s band in high school. Since then, the acclaimed artist and entertainment impresario has spent countless hours honing his craft, putting forth uncompromising effort, both in the studio working diligently on his music and on the set writing/directing/producing under film moniker Iye Teblu, where Holguin has been able to deftly focus his efforts parallelly into filmmaking, alongside film production group Mierda Frita, achieving truly dizzying heights as a leader in both fields. Iye Teblu is an experimental artist that writes, directs and acts from pure sensitivity. He has no formal film training or education, but his life is truly a movie.

Monsieur Job began as a solo project for Toby. Looking to stimulate collaboration, he then decided to form a band with a musician he knew to be top notch, Leo Jaramillo from Bogota, Colombia, formerly of Vía Rustica and La Mojarra Eléctrica. Toby also performs as a DJ and electronic producer as a Bora Bora Resident (since 2012), was on the Bora Bora World Tour 2012 – 2014, and Ashbury & Haight (Universal Music Mexico 2004, Universal Music Brazil 2005).

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