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Malia Aniston and Danielle Patton, have only been working together for 9 months and have already made a name for themselves with their latest film, The Sleepover. The Sleepover was released last week through the 49-Hour Film Festival put on by Los Burros Media and has already been received with accolades throughout the festival. The film follows three high school friends who decide to have a sleepover. Starring Mikaela Brown-Cestero, Faith Lancaster, and Victoria Kelemen, the girls talk about make-up, social media, and boys, until all three make a shocking revelation. The film also features an almost entire female cast as well.

“Being a female director, I’m always faced with not being taken seriously enough in my role. After getting these awards I feel like people judge me on the skill/craft compared to my gender. I wouldn’t be the director I am today without my amazing cast and crew.” Patton says. The duo is a fresh breath of air for the industry. Las Vegas is booming with fresh film opportunities, and the pair are ready to take them on. “I have some big plans” says Aniston. “I have some other films in the works that I’m really excited about.”

The Sleepover placed second overall in best picture as well as taking home best musical score. “A huge win for my first film festival as a director,” said Aniston.

The 49-Hour Film Festival, based out of Downtown Las Vegas, featured several film teams who competed to win a $1000 cash prize for first place. The teams were given their topic with just 49 hours to complete their 4–7-minute films from start to finish. The screenings took place in Downtown Las Vegas at Art Houz Theater on December 1st. This was the festival’s first year.

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Patton started filmmaking in 2016 and joined Dwarf Star Films in 2021. Patton is known for her color correcting and directing skills for several Dwarf Star short films. Aniston started making personal film projects in middle school, then graduated to commercials, music videos, and short films in 2020 through another local film studio. Malia joined Dwarf Star Films in the spring of 2022. Malia Aniston is a 27-year-old film director located out of Las Vegas, NV. Danielle Patton is a 24-year-old film director out of Las Vegas, NV.

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