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Experience “Peace on Earth” with new Christmas single and EP from Danielle Hollobaugh 


This year, the holiday season doesn’t quite look the way it normally would. Times are chaotic and draining and people everywhere are seeking peace and good feelings. Danielle Hollobaugh plans to deliver that contentment to everyone this holiday season with her Christmas EP Peace on Earth set to release on November 27th, 2020.

The title track to the EP encapsulates all that Danielle is bringing to the table in 2020. Putting a modern spin on Christmas music, Danielle Hollobaugh has revolutionized holiday music as we know it with this electronic pop tune. Pulsating beats and electronic elements demand your attention while Danielle’s powerhouse vocals match the energy creating a song that you can’t help but dance along to.

“Peace on Earth” not only offers a fresh take to how Christmas music sounds but it also who it’s targeted to. Taking a new look at an old line, Danielle wanted to make sure that everyone was included in the joy of Christmas. “I remember thinking of ‘peace on Earth, good will to men’ and while I know it means for everyone, I wanted to say it in a song.”

With years of releasing addictive Christmas music under her belt, Danielle has fine tuned the art of making holiday pop hits. This year Peace on Earth will quickly replace the 50 year old classics in your holiday rotation.

Listen to the full Peace on Earth EP here

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