Project Description

“BORDERLESS,” an award-winning solo show by Peter-William
Jamieson, has captivated audiences with its deeply human story of
identity, connection, and cultural clash. This powerful performance centers
on the lives of an American teenager and his Afghani refugee stepbrother.
As they navigate their intertwined journeys from a small town in America
to the battlegrounds of Afghanistan, “BORDERLESS” delves into themes
of family, loyalty, and the universal quest for understanding.

“BORDERLESS” follows the intense and evolving relationship between
two stepbrothers. Through their journey, the play explores how personal
and cultural identities are shaped and challenged by their experiences.
The narrative’s emotional depth is brought to life through Jamieson’s
masterful performance, which vividly captures the nuances of each
character’s struggles and triumphs.
Directed by Christie Koppe and Produced by Ethan Felizzari-Castillo &
Rosie Dean of CK Theatricals, the show addresses pressing global
issues such as migration, conflict, and the search for belonging, making it
a relevant and thought-provoking piece. “BORDERLESS” not only
entertains but also encourages audiences to reflect on their perceptions of
identity and otherness.

The play is inspired by real stories from soldiers who served in
Afghanistan, highlighting the universal nature of their experiences.
Interviews with veterans from Australia and the USA revealed striking
similarities in their stories, including shared locations and interactions
with local Afghans. The play sheds light on the mental health crisis faced
by veterans, with alarming suicide rates in both countries. Since 9/11,
over 30,000 US veterans have died by suicide, a stark reminder of the
urgent need for better support systems for returning soldiers worldwide.

“BORDERLESS” has achieved remarkable success, winning the
prestigious Best Production award at the 2024 United Solo Festival, the
world’s largest solo theatre festival. Additionally, the show garnered the
Best Actor award, further cementing its critical acclaim. Following its
celebrated Australian run, “BORDERLESS” continued to captivate
audiences during its recent engagement at Theaterlab, where its
compelling narrative and exceptional performances resonated deeply with
the American market. This triumphant run highlights the production’s
universal appeal and exceptional quality, affirming its status as a standout
in contemporary theatre.

“BORDERLESS” is not just a play; it’s a journey into the heart of human
connection and the boundaries that define us.