Project Description

This Holiday season, five select mall properties have been converted into a winter wonderland, with a state-of-the-art Christmas village for shoppers to experience at “Christmas House”. A ten-room portion of the shopping centers will be transformed by Hollywood and Broadway set designers, utilizing the latest lighting and digital technology to depict festive and contemporary holiday scenes. This is the first year that several of the country’s largest shopping centers will host the Christmas House experience, including: Smith Haven, The Westchester, Paramus Park, Menlo Park, and King of Prussia – open for visitors now through early January. 

Christmas House will bring guests through the holidays of yesteryear and today, with imagery depicting various Christmas settings, ranging from the North Pole with indoor snow and Santa’s Workshop,- to sets designed to replicate iconic movie scenes from Elf, Harry Potter, and the Nightmare Before Christmas, among other films. Modern LED lighting helps guide the tours through various settings, with screens, fireplaces, and Christmas trees, where guests are encouraged to snap selfies and Christmas Pictures.  

This year’s fully indoor exhibit will also feature two new additions to the Christmas House repertoire, including a complete replica of Blockbuster Video, where guests can relive the memorable moments of selecting a holiday film on VHS tapes, and a Harry Potter Christmas, where guests will be brought to the halls of Hogwarts decorated for the holiday as is depicted often in the films. 

For admission, guests can reserve days and times at with adult tickets costing $24.99 and children ages three-to-ten for $19.99. Children under the age of three are admitted free of charge, for weekdays, with weekends (Fri.-Sun.) priced at $27.99 for Adults and $19.99 for children. It is expected that nearly 100,000 local residents will visit Christmas House this year throughout the holiday season.  

B-Roll of the experience is available for media’s use here via dropbox (Credit: Christmas House). Still images are available on the Christmas House website,