Project Description

Emerging Singer/songwriter Calliope Wren presents “Another Stupid Love Song”, now available on Spotify and all the major music services.

“I remember sitting and starting to write this song being so fed up, feeling so defeated. Wondering – why can’t I write anything but stupid love songs?? Asking myself – am I incapable of talking about anything else but heartache? I persevered. Went all in. Unapologetically. I sat and worked with the idea for two years. Alternately loving it, hating it, changing it and changing it again until it was right. I grew up falling in love with this type of music and I always dreamed of creating music in this style. It’s nostalgic. It’s personal. This is truly me”.

“Another Stupid Love Song” is the follow up single to one of this year’s most anthemic and provocative singles “Her and I. Past releases include “No Excuses”, “We’re Not Really Strangers” and “They Don’t Understand Me”, featuring a guest appearance by Corbin Bronson. Earlier this month, Calliope Wren was also featured on Zig9y (Kyle Ziegler)’s track “These Drugs”. 

Recently, Calliope Wren impressed at a well received performance at the legendary The Bitter End on Bleeker Street in NYC. Catch her live at The Spotlight at the Paramount in Huntington on Saturday December 16th at 9pm!

Rounding out the holiday season on Monday December 18th at 7pm, Wren and the band will also be recording an exclusive “live to vinyl” for their unreleased fan favorite “Take What You Want” at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings in Brooklyn.


As is said of the wren, “for such a small bird, it has a remarkably loud voice”, and Calliope Wren has been stretching those powerful pipes with over a decade of performance and stage experience.


Not unlike her ancient ancestral namesake, Calliope (Wren) is “pure eloquence. Her poetry is epic! The ecstatic harmony of her voice makes her the Chief of all Muses”.